“I honestly can’t fathom how and why fast time flies. I was only a girl the other day.


All I know for sure is that if feels great to be an adult. I cannot be thankful enough for the blessings that come with adulting. How best to celebrate my 27th birthday. Perfect age, perfect time, perfect health, perfect place, perfect everything. I am here with my pen and paper, trying to account for what ensued in the year that has just passed.

A lot is said about what constitutes adulting, but how I wish someone had prepared me for this. Given a chance…I don’t know. Maybe like Alphaville, I would want to be FOREVER YOUNG. Because I am not here to whine, I will get right into it.

I am turning twenty-seven years, and I have nothing to fret about because, why not? I am proud of the woman I have become, confident, articulate, happy, amazing, go-getter, positive and kicks ass when need be.

If growth were a person, then that would definitely be me. I thank God for the experiences and the amazing people He bought into my life. I am truly indebted to them. I have learnt, unlearnt, things that I sure would not have figured out were it not for them.

I would therefore want to honour everyone that is still on this journey with me. I will start by giving a very special tribute to my mom who has taken up all the roles of being my best friend, prayer partner, confidant, and importantly, an amazing mother. I cannot imagine life without her.

Thank you for the gift of LOVE 💗

Then to my hubby Berny Calif. Thank you for being my soulmate and my life time partner. I will forever love you babe. And to my few friends, one day I will book us a flight to God-knows-where to celebrate you for being the world’s most amazing friends. But until that time comes, I want you all to know that I love you so much.

That said, allow me to thank God for his kindness, Grace, Mercy, Love, Tolerance, Care, Provision, and blessings that I never merited. I would be nothing without Him. Trust me, nothing. Throughout my twenty-plus years, I have learned to trust more in a God who never fails. It is because of Him I am here. I understand that ham not any better than those who have breathed their last. You’d therefore understand why this turning a new leaf is undoubtedly a big deal to me.

My birthday wish last year was to have it all. This year, I would wish for nothing less. I would pray for an increase in knowledge of discerning right from wrong. I trust that this is going to be the beginning of significant accomplishments. No doubt, this will be a year of candle-lit dinners, lots of travel, more investments, have kids, the year when I realise all my dreams.

As I celebrate my birthday, remind me, Oh Lord of Greatness in me and teach me never to settle for anything less!”